Other services

Corporate Services

  • Legal environment: knowledge of the environment complexities, changes in the local regulations, update of the possible legal changes at a national level
  • Open and establishment of the organization in the country.
  • Legal Secretariat (corporate).
  • Human resources and salaries.
  • Accounting and registry books management, reports.
  • Tax compliance, preparation and remittance of taxes, payment management.

Compliance Services – Good Standing

  • Compliance certificate of regulations, laws and legal requirements.
  • Regular reviews concerning the compliance requirements by the company.
  • Maintenance of documents, tax and licenses updated, reducing risks and unnecessary costs.

Institutional Relations

  • Relations with Institutions and Public Administrations.
  • Relations with Organizations and Corporate Institutions.
  • Assistance on relations with Local, Regional and National Entities.

Communication and PR

  • Corporate reputation.
  • Communications management with local or national agencies and media.
  • Internal and external communication.
  • Monitoring of media appearances.
  • Proactive actions.
Compliance Services – Good Standing

We solve the difficulties

We help you to expand or maintain your business in Spain.


We assist you in the knowledge of Spanish Law.

Regular Monitoring

Compliance with local and national regulations and establishment in the country.